4 ways to quickly clean your house after the New Year

The upcoming holidays promise us a lot of pleasant sensations. Guests, Christmas trees, firecrackers and confetti are indispensable attributes of New Year's celebrations. And how to quickly clean the house after the upcoming parties, you need to know in advance.

We clean the houses ourselves

Use the most environmentally friendly detergent for cleaning - regular baking soda. If you don't have a dishwasher, put the dishes in the bathtub and fill them with warm water. After half an hour, fat and food debris can be easily washed off with a regular sponge.

Dirt from the carpet can be removed with a window cleaner, after sprinkling the floor with clean water and waiting for a couple of minutes. The rubber part will perfectly remove tinsel, needles and hairs from the pile and noticeably refresh the floor covering.

Finally, thoroughly ventilate the room. And cleanse a few oranges in reserve - this will wonderfully flavor the air in your room.

We call the cleaner

The easiest and most convenient way out of the situation, provided, of course, that there is a certain amount of free money.

The first thing to do is to responsibly choose a company that provides cleaning services.

There are a lot of offers on the market, however, only a few of the organizations are able to send a suitable, professional and conscientious cleaner to your home.
Irresponsible cleaners can ruin furniture, textiles, equipment, or, alas, take something with them.

Cleaning with robots

Automatic assistants are not particularly expensive, and they are quite useful in the household.

A dishwasher, a vacuum cleaner and a floor polisher will clean the soiled dishes and floors almost without your intervention, minutes before they shine.

Immediately put items made of fabrics with stains in the washing machine after a banquet.

Do not forget to just set the mode correctly - tablecloths or napkins can be very thin, made of delicate materials.

Please help friends

This is the most enjoyable cleaning method of all - it's much more fun to work in a company.

Call a few buddies and you’ll be done with the problem in half an hour. It is only necessary to explain to the comers some of the nuances concerning your home - for example, that the weight behind the door works as a stupor, and it is better not to open a closet packed to capacity at all, so that something does not fall on the guest's head.

The pitfalls of such a “subbotnik” - if you save time, you risk immediately wasting it on the next party. After all, friends, having gathered together, will certainly demand from you as payment for the service of continuing the banquet.

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Cleaning after the New Year holidays: how to quickly put your house in order

Preparations for the New Year are taking place on a wave of joyful excitement. Cooking New Year's meals, decorating the house with garlands, snowflakes and various other festive accessories, installing a New Year tree - all these are pleasant chores that precede a stormy celebration.

The holidays are very fun, but unfortunately very fast. And in the apartment there is a mountain of unwashed dishes, a floor covered with various tinsel, dirty napkins and tablecloths and stains on all kinds of surfaces.

How to cope with cleaning the apartments after the holiday, so that later you can remember the New Year as a time of joy and relaxation, and not a tedious and long-term cleaning.

Of course, you shouldn't start cleaning on the first of January, but you also don't need to leave dirty dishes and the floor littered with food crumbs. Dried dishes (if you don't have a dishwasher) will be even more difficult to clean, and crumbs will spread throughout the apartment and complicate further cleaning.

We act this way: together, together with all the household members, we put away the dishes in the kitchen, the food that was left over, after the feast we lay out in convenient bowls and trays and hide in the refrigerator. This must be done right away.

It is optimal when one of the family members washes the dishes and the other vacuums. Children (depending on age) can also take an active part in cleaning. For example, dry the dishes and put them in the cupboard. It is advisable to do this in the morning, because it is unlikely that you will have the strength for such a non-holiday activity immediately after the New Year.

The somnologist gave advice on how to improve sleep after the New Year holidays

Photo: social networks

Lack of sleep before the first working day after the New Year holidays will help you quickly establish your sleep pattern. The Moscow City News Agency was informed about this by Mikhail Poluektov, Associate Professor of the Department of Nervous Diseases and Neurosurgery at the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (MGMU), Head of the Sleep Medicine Department of the Kozhevnikov Clinic of Nervous Diseases of the University Clinical Hospital No. 3.

“There are no proven recommendations, except for the recommendation that one should suffer one night before the working day - that is, sleep less. The very next evening you will be able to enter the normal mode, you will be pulled to go to bed earlier in the evening. Usually the body adjusts very well to the new regime, even as a result of one night of limited sleep, ”said Mikhail Poluektov.

He added that it will be possible to "catch up" the missing hours next weekend.

“Of course, at first, a person will experience some craving for sleep, because it is usually not possible to completely compensate for the lack of sleep overnight. But usually no one suffers from this, because people are used to limiting themselves in sleep on weekdays. Here, too, there will be nothing out of the ordinary - you can just sleep on the very first weekend, ”explained Mikhail Poluektov.

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  • 10 unexpected ways to use garlands after the holidays

    by Aleksey | Decor Workshop Lighting Accessories Interior | Thursday, 16 January 2020

    Every year we unpack hundreds of bright lights to decorate our homes for the holidays. In fact, people love Christmas lights so much that NASA claimsthat the holiday lights can even be seen from space.

    But the holidays are over and we have to hide these bright lights until next year. But don't be upset! The good news is that we have found ways to use the garlands after the New Years. These ideas allow you to enjoy glowing lights for a long time. Get inspired.

    How to use the Christmas tree after the New Year holidays

    The New Year and Christmas holidays are noisy. But how do you not want to part with the forest beauty! For several weeks, the Christmas tree with sparkling decoration delighted the family and gave them a good mood! And after that, the hand does not rise to throw away its old tree. And you know what - it's not necessary at all! Even after the New Year's celebrations, pines and Christmas trees can still be useful both in everyday life and on the farm. And now you will find out how.

    With a light movement ... the tree turns into a stick for the garden

    First of all, the Christmas tree will need to be "disassembled" into parts. It will be necessary to saw off all branches from the trunk. Now the trunk can serve as an excellent support in the garden.

    It can be used:
    • for arranging trellises in the vineyard
    • as a support for plants that require support - tall tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peas, pumpkins and the like
    • as a decorative element for climbing flowering plants - clematis, decorative peas, morning glory.

    Every summer resident knows that there are never enough strong sticks in the garden! Again, thinner twigs are useful for garters of raspberries and blackberries where needed. And the former herringbone will also serve as a support for the branches of fruit trees.

    Spruce spruce blanket

    We figured out where to apply the trunk and thick branches. Now let's see why you can use smaller branches.
    First of all, spruce branches are an irreplaceable material for those who grow garden strawberries on their land. In winter, this is the best way to hide your strawberry beds. The fact is that spruce branches have a unique ability to let air through, but at the same time retain the snow that has fallen. Therefore, in frosts, strawberries will not freeze, and during a thaw they will not dry out. In addition, the spruce paws do not crumble, and during the thaw period, they do not crumble.

    In addition to protection from frost, this spruce branches also serve as an obstacle for the ubiquitous rodents who are just waiting for us to relax our guard and arrange a feast at our expense.

    Every needle will go

    Even if the tree has already begun to crumble, it will still come in handy. After all, coniferous litter is also a valuable material for a summer resident. How can he help us? Let's try to list at least some of the main beneficial qualities of this plant material.

    Experienced owners carefully collect fallen spruce and pine needles in a bag. It is useful in the garden and in the garden as mulch. The soil under it remains loose for longer, and the weeds, on the contrary, grow less. Such a spruce blanket is very beneficial in that it allows moisture to pass through and helps to retain it in the soil. At the same time, the needles themselves do not get wet and are not saturated with water. Therefore, you can not be afraid that mold will start in the mulch. In addition, the needles contain phytoncides, which serve as a prophylaxis for the development of bacteria and the occurrence of diseases. Another plus is that this mulch will last much longer than cut grass or fallen leaves.

    But it is important to know and remember that coniferous mulch is not suitable for every plant. The needles tend to increase the acidity of the soil. Therefore, it would be wise to use it only for mulching the soil under those pets that "like" an acidic environment. These are azalea, hydrangea, honeysuckle. Will come in handy near blueberries and strawberries.

    The fact that spruce needles are rich in phytoncides is used by gardeners to fight diseases and pests in various ways. In particular, you can independently prepare an infusion from needles to combat diseases and pests. To do this, you will need 5 liters of hot water for a pound of spruce needles. The needles are steamed with boiling water and allowed to brew. 30 g of crushed laundry soap is added to the cold infusion. This remedy helps to repel the cruciferous flea beetle. To do this, they are sprayed with lettuce, radish, cabbage, radish, rutabaga.

    Coniferous smoke helps in the prevention and fight against fungal and bacterial infections in cellars and basements. For this, needles are mixed with sawdust in a bucket. The contents of the vessel are set on fire. But so that the needles do not burn, but smolder and smoke. Then the potatoes are fumigated for about 30 minutes, thanks to which it is better and longer stored.

    And the needles can also be used as plant nutrition. To do this, take a half-liter jar of ash for 1 kg of needles. Add 10 liters of water and put on fire until boiling. After that, the broth must be filtered. When the product has cooled down, it is used as a fertilizer by spraying.

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